Car Insurance for Learner Drivers


learner driver insurance

Passing the practical test on the first go is what everyone wants. This can be achieved if you’re determined and put the required effort to guarantee a success. For example, you need to practice driving as much as you can so that you can get better at it. Although driving lessons can be quite expensive and limit the hours you can commit yourself to, a learner driver insurance policy can surely come in handy. With this short term insurance policy for learners, you can drive any car you wish to while being supervised of course but without worrying that the owner will lose his no claims in case you have an accident.

Getting car insurance for learner drivers tends to be an expensive venture mainly due to the fact that they are considered as high risk compared to drivers who have years of experience. As such, it is imperative to understand some of the major ways through which you can lower these costs and as such, get the same at considerably lower costs. For starters, you can opt to insure your own car third party only rather than comprehensive. This is especially ideal if you can afford to buy your own car and get it insured straight away. Since it will be under your name, it will give you the opportunity to earn a no-claim discount and this will go long way in safeguarding your future interests.

You could also opt to get an additional cover for a co-driver. This is good for learners who choose to buy their own car since it ensures that they are covered on all sides in case of any eventuality. On the other hand, if as a learner you choose to practice in someone else’s car, it is important to request that they have you covered as an additional driver. At this point, it is ideal for the learner to know the various types of car insurance for learner drivers and the different policies available. To start off with, there is the third party only policy which covers damages you might cause to other people whether bodily, to private property or death. Secondly, there is third party fire and theft which acts in the same manner as third party but goes a step further to protect your car. Finally, there is the comprehensive policy which covers every conceivable possibility.

At this point, it is ideal to note that you should take the time to understand the provisions made in these policies before making your decision to settle with any. When getting learner driver insurance, it is important to note that apart your age, the model, size of engine and age of the car will greatly affect the overall cost of the policy. The most ideal thing about getting insurance is the fact that most insurers allow you to spread your costs and make payments in monthly installments. As a learner, ensuring that you get additional information to warrant you as a safe driver will ensure that you get a low cost insurance policy and for this reason, make sure that you get an additional certificate like the pass plus to show insurers that you’re a competent driver.

learner driver insurance