Cheap cars to insure for young drivers


It’s a sad fact of life that young drivers in the 17-25 age group have the worst accident records on British roads. This is, unfortunately for them, why insurance premiums are so costly. First of all you probably were euphoric about getting your new licence, and you may have thought that your insurance would automatically go down. Then you probably got a shock when you contacted your insurer telling him or her that you’d passed your test and wondered how much you’d have to pay for insurance now.

There are ways of getting cheaper insurance and one is the car you drive. If you are a young driver you really should forget those ideas of driving a Ferrari or an Aston martin until you’ve notched up some no-claims bonus. In order to do this you should buy a car which falls into the lower insurance categories. Basically the theory goes, the smaller the engine size, the less likely you are to be able to drive recklessly, although you might still drive without “due care and attention”. The lower categories for insurance purposes start at 1 and the most expensive cars to insure are in the 20 category.

So what is a group 1 car? The classic Volkswagen Beetle is a category 1 car, as it doesn’t go very fast, and they do need a lot of care and attention, but they look cool. Everyone notices an old beetle, so if you want to be noticed, this is the coolest car in the group 1 category unless you can get hold of an old Mini Cooper. However these tend to be pricey these days as they are collectors’ items, but they, too are certainly cool. The old Citroen 2CV6 is another old classic that is in category 1.

Other cars that are in the first category are the Vauxhall Corsa, the Fiat Punto, the Renault Clio, Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 107, and the 206 is in category 2. The Smart for two coupe is a category 1 car too. However be careful as the category 1 cars are not the top of the range models these are the standard models with the smallest engine capacities. For example the Ford Fiesta top of the range model will be in category 6. The 1 litre Corsa is in category 1, but others will be in higher categories.

These new (not classic ones like the Beetle) cars are cheap to insure because they cost less than others (so if one was a write-off after an accident the insurer would not have to pay out too much), their spare parts are readily available and insurance companies would not have to pay for a courtesy car for long if you had an accident.

Shelve those dreams of a Ferrari and buy a cheap, small car for the time being so that you can notch up your no-claims bonus and pay less on insurance premiums right now. Don’t forget to shop around for the best deals